The East Coast Contingency

About the band...

The East Coast Contingency was formed in 2017. Cayley and Steve have been close friends since they were kids in PEI, and the rest of the band met at one of Mike's many open mics in the GVRD. Currently, Mike hosts an open mic every Wednesday night at 8:30 pm at The Pressbox Pub at Renfrew & Hastings in Vancouver. The band members are all regulars at the open mic, trying to out perform one another... just kidding, we're all way too Canadian for that!


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Band members from left to right: Darren Keating (guitar, vocals), Gerard Lynch (mandolin, banjo),

Cayley McGrory (vocals, guitar), Steve Somers (guitar, madnolin), Gayle Arnold (vocals, percussion), and Mike Horne (guitar, vocals).

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So Gerard, what do you love about playing music? 

I love playing music with people and how it can create a connection with total strangers.


Who inspires you? 

People who love things.

And how long have you been interested in pursuing music?

Music has been pursuing me for quite a while but somehow I keep dodging it.


What do you love about playing music? 

The collaborative aspect. As an artist, I work alone without too much support. In a band, you have to make compromises you wouldn't have otherwise, and it takes the music to a place you couldn't on your own. 

Who inspires you? 

Frida Khalo and Vincent Van Gogh. 

And how long have you been interested in pursuing music?

I literally have a photo of myself as a toddler with headphones on (blame my big bro's). I have always dreamed of performing, I just never thought I actually would!

Click here to listen to original songs written by Gayle Arnold



Mike Horne has been playing music in the Vancouver area for many years. He has played rock and roll, including as a bass player in the Whyte Feather Band, as well as being a folk singer and songwriter since the early coffee house days. He has played Celtic music in Folk 'n Reels and the New Fish Band. For over ten years, he joined Garry Sullivan in DUX playing with that duo throughout the Vancouver district. Mike has recorded one album, In The Blink Of A Moment. He has hosted open stages around town, including Joe's Atlantic Grill and currently the Press Box Pub.

Click here to listen to original songs and covers by Mike Horne